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Small Stonewash Turkish Hand Towel - "Volcanic Sand"

Small Stonewash Turkish Hand Towel - "Volcanic Sand"

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Most people think of soft white sand when they envision a beach. This is what makes Haida beaches so inspirational. I’ve been to beaches all throughout the Caribbean; however, I have never witnessed the beauty of black sand until visiting BC’s hidden secret. The stonewash colour with ribbed finishes makes this a phenomenal hand towel for any space, as it’s both timeless and chic!


100% Turkish cotton


 50x105cm  /  19x41 inch  + tassels

Care Instructions

Machine Wash cold or up to 30 C in gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softener, dryer sheets and bleach.

Do not leave wet in wash machine. Lay flat to dry. If placing in dryer, tumble dry on low heat as soon as wash cycle is finished. We recommend to air dry your Turkish towels as they dry quickly.

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