Lunar Spring Tide is an eco-friendly brand that gives back to our oceans with every purchase. We care about the environment and our clients’ well-being, so we travelled to Turkey to find the safest textiles. Not only are our Turkish Towels made from high-quality 100% Turkish cotton, but they are OEKO TEX certified “Standard 100,” which means they are safe from toxins and only contain raw material. This makes them the perfect self-care item.

I was introduced to Turkish towels when I had a Turkish henna party, the equivalent of North America’s bachelorette party. We attended a Turkish hammam, a spa where we danced the night away, ate like queens and had the most relaxing evening. In the end, I was gifted a Turkish towel referred to as a Peshtemal, and it was there that I had the idea to share this beautiful gift with the world by making it my own.

Even though our products are sourced from Turkey, they are relevant to Canada as Haida Gwaii (in British Colombia) inspired our most recent collection, and we are a female-owned brand based in Ontario, Canada. 




When creating Lunar Spring Tide, we knew we wanted to make a difference in the big blue. Not only do we donate a dollar from each Lunar Spring Tide towel sold, but it was a major initiative when sourcing our manufacturer.

Our Lunar Spring Tide Turkish towels are woven in Türkiye from 100% Turkish cotton. The cotton used is OEKO TEX certified “Standard 100,” which means it contains no harmful chemicals or toxins, and our packaging is made of compostable material.

With the launch of a new product, we wanted to keep the same values in mind. We, however, have been faced with new challenges as the province is currently in the middle of a shift that will become universal across Canada.

The greatest change to the City’s integrated waste management system will take place in 2026 when producers have fully taken over all municipal Blue Box recycling programs and begin to implement a standardized program across Ontario.

Until then, we will continue to work towards our initiative by leading the way in recyclable packaging without losing freshness in food and beverage packaging.

If you’d like to learn more about the new recycling program, please visit


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