Need to Know

When using a Turkish Towel for the first time, there are definitely some things worth noting. We’ve put together some frequently asked questions that may be of help. If you have other questions or would like more details regarding any of our products, please use our contact page to reach out with any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash my Turkish towels?

Turkish towels can be washed with like colours in 45 degree C water. If you’d like to give your Turkish towel some luxurious special treatment, feel free to let it soak in a tub of water overnight. Turkish towels get softer with every wash, so the sooner their fibres are exposed to water for long periods of time, the more you’ll start to know a significant difference in the textile.

Can I put my Turkish towel in the dryer?

The towels are designed to be eco-friendly, so the use of a dryer is not required; however, some people do like to fluff their towels in the dryer after washing. Keep in mind the towels are made from 100% cotton, so if exposed to high heat for long periods of time, the towels may shrink.

What happens if a tassel becomes untied?

Our Turkish towels are made in Turkey, and most of our styles are finished off with hand-tied tassels. Over time, depending on the usage, it is possible the tassels may begin to unravel. Our recommendation is air drying your towel to avoid tassels tangling. If tassels do unravel over time based on wear, you can always re-twist and knot the tassels yourself.

What else can my Turkish towel be used for besides a towel?

The wonderful thing about Turkish towels is their beautiful appearance. We’ve branded them as the versa-towel to make sure they live up to their full potential. Our Turkish towels can be used at the beach or for bathing, as a scarf, baby blanket, picnic blanket, table cloth, table runner, couch throw, sarong, or beach cover-up. The possibilities are endless!

I’ve seen Turkish towels at a much lower price point. Why?

It comes down to quality. The first thing we recommend when comparing our towels is looking at the tag. Is the cotton 100 Turkish cotton? Is the product imported? Do they use organic cotton? Is the towel OEKO-TEX certified “standard 100"? These were all things that we considered and were important to us when designing each collection.