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Lunar Spring Tide

Large Reversible Turkish Beach/Bath Towels

Large Reversible Turkish Beach/Bath Towels

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Inspired by some of my favourite finds when searching the floors of the Canadian woods.


100% Turkish Cotton


82x180cm/36x71 inc

Care Instructions

Machine Wash cold or up to 30 C in gentle cycle. Avoid fabric softener, dryer sheets and bleach.

Do not leave wet in wash machine. Lay flat to dry. If placing in dryer, tumble dry on low heat as soon as wash cycle is finished. We recommend to air dry your Turkish towels as they dry quickly.

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  • Chanterelle

    Of all wild mushrooms, the Chanterelle is the most famous. It’s eye-catching during a quiet hunt in the woods because of its golden hue and any forager dreams when spotted. It is the perfect colour for a beach towel or great as a couch throw to add a pop of colour to any room.

  • Reindeer Moss

    Have you ever handled moss? If you have, you’ll know it’s soft and spongy and has a texture that is soothing to the touch. Reindeer moss is the perfect amount of mint and such a stunning colour to wear or design with, so we just knew it’d make the cut for this collection.

  • Beech Bark

    If you ask most people the colour of tree bark, what would they say? Some would say brown, others grey, but beech bark is my absolute favourite shade of grey. It’s also a very valuable tree as its bark can be used for medical purposes.